Mrs. Rebecca Parker
Instructor: Mrs. Rebecca Parker   
á You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. ----Jon Kabat-Zin
Weekly Lessons
Math - Chapter 6 Time and Temperature
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Chapter 6.4 Algebra: Change Units of Time Chapter 6.6 Temperature Chapter 6.7 Negative Numbers Review
Review AM

Science - Chapter 3 Organisms and Their Environments
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lesson 1 and 2 review Lesson 3 Fossils and Extinction Review Review Test

Social Studies - Chapter 6
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Chapter 6 Lesson 1 Review Chapter 6 Lesson 2 Chapter 6 Lesson 3 Review Review

MATH Chapter 6 Test Tuesday 12/12/17
SCIENCE Chapter 3 Test Friday 12/8/17
SOCIAL STUDIES Chapter 6 Test next Tuesday 12/12
SPELLING Unit 15 Test Friday 12/8/17
Please remind your children it is their responsibility to write in their agenda. I remind them constantly but some do not follow directions. Or do not gather all the supplies they need to complete their homework. (example textbook) I will not be posting homework through Remind or on my Website unless it is a project, etc.